Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nala,my retired guide dog had to have emergency surgery

I had to take Nala, my retired guide dog to the vet for emergency surgery on Thursday morning. The night before, the dogs were outside and I heard a commotion and went out to see what was going on. The dogs were fighting and I yelled for them to stop. They all stopped and I called them in.I did not notice that Nala had an injury until the next morning.Her right K9 tooth and part of the upper jaw were broken.The vet had to remove the tooth and a part of the bone.She will be fine but I now have a $500.00 vet bill.We think she must have gotten her K9 caught on another dog's collar to get this kind of injury. That pretty much wipes out Christmas for me.I will have to make gifts.At least I will be eating Christmas dinner at Carla's house this year.I had to go to PetsMart to get crickets for Puff, my Bearded Dragon, and Shaman was pretty good.He only barked and growled at one dog and I told him to leave it. All I had to do was say leave it when any dog walked past us.Why couldn't he be that good when we went to the street fair? He barked and growled at every dog he saw there. It was very embarrassing.The guy with the 2 pit bulls has really undone a lot of Shaman's training, as I had him pretty well dog socialized. Every time he walks those dogs by my house and they fight with my dogs through the fence, Shaman gets more dog aggressive.Animal Control has done nothing to stop this from happening.The guy just laughs at me when I ask him to control his dogs.I have tried to keep the dogs in when I think he may walk his dogs, but he does not do it at the same time every day. I have to keep working on Shaman to correct this behavior as I am afraid of what might happen if we meet another dog on the bus. To be continued..................

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