Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Lady is recovering and is home now

Lady is recovering. She is walking better so the vet decided not to do the MRI which means the vet bill is a lot less now.Lady is home with Rachel but will not be able to work for a while. She needs a lot of rest in a quiet environment. Still,animal control has done nothing and the pit bull is still running around the complex with no leash.I can't seem to get a person on the phone at animal control, and I as well as Rachel have left messages but no one has called back. I tried to talk with the manager of the apartment complex where Rachel lives to no avail. I have called the Mayor's office but have heard nothing back from them.Rachel called the TV media but even they have not called her back. Does no one care that the eyes of this totally  blind woman has been injured and may not be able to continue to work as a guide dog? This was preventable, but no one cared enough to do any thing about the pit bull who's owners just let it run loose with out a leash to attack Lady. Is any one going to do some thing if a child is attacked next? What is wrong with this city? I am so disgusted with Tucson. Any way Rachel wanted to thank all who donated to Lady's care. The bill is payed in full for now. Hopefully, Lady will continue to recover with out any more set backs.            to be continued..........................

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