Friday, April 25, 2014

Warm weather, time to start using the dog boots!

The weather has warmed up considerably. It's time to put the dog boots on when I take Shaman and Nici out.My friend Carla took me out to eat om Easter.I used Nici and she was very good in the restaurant.She laid under the table and did not beg for food. Several people complimented me on how well behaved my dog was. Nici is always well behaved when we go out any where. On Sunday,my friend Rachel and her husband,Jeremy are coming over with their guide dogs. If the weather is not too hot, we will walk to the park.I have made the switch from Purina Pro Plan Sensitive skin and stomach for Shaman and Max to Taste of the Wild,grain free food.I am also mixing some of this food in with  Nici's mixture. They all seem to like it.All the dogs have been coming in the house for most of the day as it is getting too hot for them to stay out side.Even Myah is coming in. She usually stays out even when it is hot. Even Tess, the puppy that was found in a garbage can has been coming in when I call her. I guess she has finally decided to trust me.It has taken a long time for both Myah and Tess to trust humans again. They are the only foster rescues that I have at this time.The other 6 are mine.And of course Shaman and Nici are my guide dogs. Caring for all these animals is what keeps me going.  to be continued...............         

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  1. cool! I still get your blog updates, and love reading about you and your dogs. And I still hope to get to Tucson soon... kittehs and I will be relocating to Los Angeles in the fall!