Sunday, August 2, 2015

Shulamith is OK

Shulamith is OK. She is no longer limping at all. I had to go to Petsmart to get some reptile bulbs for the Dragons and decided to take Shulamith along. Dave, a friend, handled her so I could use Nici for guiding.She was pretty good until a dog started barking at her.........She barked back and I had a time trying to get her to stop barking. She did stop though. I didn't use the Halti on her in the store.I will next time.We then went to the grocery store and I put the Halti on her. She was much better and Dave had no trouble getting her to walk on a loose leash. She had a wandering nose but was quickly reminded that is unacceptable behavior  in a grocery store. For the most part,she was very good in the grocery store. We plan to take her again on Monday when I go to the bank and do my shopping. Dave will handle her again.I will also use the Halti as she is much better with it on.   to be continued...............

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