Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sedona is now working with my power wheelchair

Johnny and I took Sedona to PetsMart and worked her with my manual wheelchair. She did very well. I used  a piece of PVC pipe and ran a short leash through it and hooked one end to the dog and the other end to the wheelchair.. I had hoped that this would keep her feet safe from being run over by the chair. Well, so much for that. She still got her toes crunched twice, but after that she learned not to get her feet so close to the wheels. I have been working her around the block with my power wheelchair now and she is doing great. No crunched toes either. This gives her some much needed running exercise. She has slipped her collar several times and gotten away from me while taking her out of her pen. She ran around with the other dogs,but I think they are still too ruff with her.I don't want her to get injured so I will wait until she gets a little bigger before I let her play with the other dogs. To be continued..........

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