Thursday, January 28, 2010

I may have to hire a trainer to help Shaman get over his attack!

Shaman has been negatively affected by his attack. He growls and barks at every dog that gets with in 3 feet of him.He does not lunge at them or try to fight with them but he will not tolerate them in his space. I had been working with him by bringing him to PetsMart and he was much better with other dogs,but now after being attacked by that Pit Bull,he has gotten worse.I may have to hire a trainer to help with this problem. Nick can't help as he is in school pretty much full time now.Carla is going to ask a trainer to work with Foxy,the new rescue dog as she has bitten me twice now.I may ask this trainer if she can work with Shaman also.I hope I can get him over this problem. I don't want to go through finding a new dog and start over with the guide training.Shaman's guide work is good,and he is less distracted now.I would hate to have to retire him for this problem. To be continued.................

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