Saturday, January 2, 2010

The ice cream store was closed

I went to the bank on Thursday and Shaman and I always stop for ice cream on our way back. Shaman knows exactly where the ice cream store is and will pull me towards it in anticipation of his treat of a small scoop of vanilla ice cream.The store was closed much to Shaman's disappointment.He did not want to leave as I tried to explain to him that the place was closed.He finally got the idea as I showed him that the door would not open.Shaman rarely gets treats of human food,but I have always given my guide dogs a small(very small) scoop of vanilla ice cream as it does help to cool them during the hot weather of Summer.It is only once or twice a month,so I don't think it is so bad for them.They do enjoy it.Any way, Shaman was very disappointed,so we went somewhere else, and I gave him some yogurt and he did enjoy it. To be continued.................

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