Monday, April 12, 2010

Shaman has made more progress with his training

Shaman is getting over his pit bull attack and we have made more progress. I met my friend Rachel and her guide dog Rhett down town for a snack and to see how Shaman would work with another guide dog close by. He did very well and did not bark or growl at Rhett.Rhett is a beautiful male black Labrador Retriever and he was trained at Pilot Dogs. Rachel's husband Jeremy has a beautiful female yellow Labrador,named Bella.She was also trained at Pilot Dogs. I am going to have lunch with Rachel and Jeremy on Thursday. I will be using Shaman that day and I expect him do fine. I took Shaman to Pets Mart several days ago and he did not bark or growl at any of the dogs there. He was perfect.I think he is over the attack now. That man that walks his 2 pit bulls by my house and makes them fight my dogs through the fence came by yesterday. Shaman started to run to the fence,but I called him back and he came. He did not try to fight the pit bulls,even though they were growling and trying to fight. My other dogs barked at them but did not go near the fence to fight. I really wish this guy would quit trying to fight his dogs. It makes my dogs bark and I am afraid that some one will complain about my barking dogs and turn me in to the police. We have a new ordinance that now people can turn you in for noise violations and it does not have to be after 10:00pm. It can be any time of the day or night if it is bothering some one.You will have to go to court and pay a hefty fine. Not good! To be continued..............................

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