Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I have been working Shaman with the manual wheelchair

Shaman is working very well around other dogs now with no problems.I have been working him with the manual wheelchair as when Carla takes me places,I can't take the power chair.It does not fit in her car so I have to use the manual chair. Shaman needs to learn to work with this chair.He will pull the chair as he is guiding me but this chair has no brakes on it so I have to stop it with my feet.This is awkward as when Shaman stops,I can't always stop fast enough and sometimes run into the person in front of me.This can be very embarrassing at times. I have decided to try to go to the ACB convention in Phoenix this year. I would like to go for at least 1 day,just to see what it is like. As far as I know,there is no NFB conventions in my area and I can not travel to the one in Texas.I think I will take Nala to the convention as I want people to see what a good guide dog a Siberian Husky is. Maybe I will take Shaman to the next convention.Nala is a seasoned guide dog and I know she will be good as she can work through anything.Shaman is still young and with him just getting over his pit bull attack,well I just feel it is better to let him get more work before he goes to something like a Blind convention. Shaman is really becoming a wonderful guide dog.His work is very good and I am very proud of him.Since I have been giving him fish oil in his food,he is not having any allergy problems. His coat is still full and he is not scratching at all. To be continued.....................

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