Saturday, July 10, 2010

Getting ready for the Convention

I have been getting ready to go to the ACB Convention.I finally got someone to give me some information on ways to get there.I decided to have Carla rent a van for the trip to Phoenix. Not cheap but the least complicated. We tried to put my chair in her SUV.It was a "nightmare". We got it in but it was very hard because the ramp was too steep. Getting it out was equally hard,and required the help of a man who was in the parking lot of the restaurant.This all took place on my birthday. We did have a great dinner at Olive Garden,but I decided to take a bus home,rather than go through getting the chair back into Carla's car.That is why I am renting a van for the convention.I am probably spending too much money just to go for 1 day, but this is probably the only time I will be able to go.I am definitely taking Nala as I know she can handle being around a lot of other dogs and people. I think it is too soon after Shaman's pit bull attack to expose him to so many other dogs. I think he would be very nervous around so many dogs.I don't want him to be uncomfortable or frightened. He is still young and maybe in several years,I will be able to attend another convention,maybe this time an NFB Convention.By then he should be ready to take on all that.We are leaving on Monday morning and I will be attending several conferences and then we will be returning home Monday evening.I hope all goes well. To be continued...............

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