Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Convention was great!

Well on Monday,July 12th, We got a slightly late start on the road. We got my wheelchair loaded in the rented van and were on our way.We did not have time to stop for lunch So we munched on some cookies that I stuck in my pack. Nala Munched on some doggie biscuits that I also brought along.I thought I might be snubbed for not having a schooled trained dog but that did not happen.Nala was perfect as always, ignoring every thing except my directions. She was clearly very happy that she got to work.When Carla and I were looking for the conference room,several people complimented Nala on her work and of course her beauty.They said they were very impressed as they had never seen a Husky guide dog before.They asked where she was trained and I told them she was trained with the help of a trainer as all of my guides have been. Carla and Nala and I settled in for the conferences. I learned days later, that someone from one of my training lists was there and we missed each other.Too bad as that would have been nice to meet her and her guide.Several guide dog instructors also complimented Nala. She was of course the only husky guide there. We did see lots of Labs some Goldens and 1 white Standard Poodle.There was also an Australian Shepherd as well as several German Shepherds. There were a few dogs that acted up but most of them were very good.After the conference,Stefanie from Fidelco Guide Dogs came over and had a nice conversation with Carla and I. We talked about rescuing dogs and Huskies as guide dogs and the differences of working huskies vs Shepherds and also about wheelchair guiding. It was a very nice experience and I would very much like to go to another convention some day. Maybe Shaman will be ready by then. To be continued.............

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