Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shaman got attacked by a dog when we were down town

Yesterday was my birth day. I had to go down town to pay the mortgage and the water bill and get my bus pass.I got the mortgage paid but the city had a furlow day so I was unable to get the water bill payed and get my bus pass. This annoyed me that the city would close down after already having a day off from the holiday. Now I will have to go down town again another day. It is too hot for this!Even with his boots, cooler collar and cooler jacket, Shaman gets too hot to spend all that time working out side.We were on our way back to the bus station,crossing the street when some one walking a dog was coming toward us. As we passed the person with the dog,it suddenly attacked Shaman! I yelled for the owner to control his dog and I got Shaman out of the way.The person never said any thing and just went on his way.There were other people there,but no one offered help or even said any thing. Are Shaman and I invisible? This is not the first time a dog has attacked Shaman and no one did any thing to stop it or help us. They just acted like nothing happened.Shaman was not physically injured but he was clearly upset. I hope he does not have any dog aggression problems again like the last time he was attacked.It took a lot of time and work to get him over it.What is wrong with people????????? At least the rest of the day was Pleasant.Carla and I went to Olive Garden and had a nice dinner. Shaman was good and spent the entire time under the table as usual.He is such a wonderful dog! To be continued..............

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