Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sad news:Nala passed away

I am writing this in the wee hours of the morning. Nala passed away last night. It was very sudden and unexpected.We got her to the emergency vet clinic but there was nothing any one could do for her.She was perfectly fine in the morning and ate her breakfast as usual but she did not eat her dinner. I thought is was because it's been so hot and when it is hot,sometimes the dogs don't eat well.I went to let the dogs out like I always do at 10:00 pm and Nala did not come.I went to check on her as it is very unusual for her not to come when I call her. She did not respond and was just laying there in her usual spot.I called Carla and we got her to the emergency vet but it was to late. My beautiful Nala was gone.The vet said she had a tumor on her spleen and it had burst. She said that a lot of dogs get these tumors and they don't show signs of illness but when the tumor grows too big,it bursts and the dogs die very quickly.Nala never showed any signs that she was sick.I am heart broken. Nala was a very special dog and I will miss her very much. to be continued.........

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  1. Hi Mardi, I am so sorry--hugs and purrs to you and your Zoo... ♥♥