Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wanagi is in training to be a guide dog

I have decided to train Wanagi to guide me.I need to walk as much as I can to prevent pulmonary embolism. I have been lucky enough to have survived this condition several times already.I can not walk fast or for a long period because of my spinal stenosis and arthritis, so I must use a dog that can walk slow enough for me.I also need a dog that can lead me from a manual wheelchair as my power chair does not fit in Carla's car.Shaman walks to fast for me when I am walking and also when I use the manual chair.When I had Nala,I could always use her. Now that she is gone, I must find another dog for this.Since Wanagi has already had some guide training,I decided to try her. She could not keep up with my power chair,but her old hip injury does not seem to bother her at my walking speed.Carla has been taking her for walks and she remembers to stop at all the right places. Yesterday,I added a handle to her training harness and both Carla and I worked her.She did very well.I think Wanagi will workout well for this job. She is very eager to please me and seems to like working. I am so glad I kept her even though she could not make it as a wheel chair guide.Shaman works very well as a wheelchair guide for my power chair.I miss my Nala so much. It is still very hard to talk about her without tears. She was a wonderful dog, the best guide dog I ever had...To be continued...........

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