Friday, November 25, 2011

Shaman is still distracted

I went to lunch down town with My friend Rachel the other day, Shaman was doing well until He saw Rachel. He realized that her guide dog Rhett was not with her. Rachel held on to the back of my wheelchair and I went slow enough so she would not trip up. We went to the farmers market on the way to Baggans' but neither of us had money to spend there.But I scraped up 67 cents to buy some apples for My Bearded Dragons.Shaman kept looking back to check on Rachel.We did get our lunch and it was good. Going back, Shaman still kept looking back to check on Rachel. He even whined as she got on the van to go home. He kept looking back at the van until it left. Then and only then would he proceed to go forward. He was ok the rest of the way home for me. I find this distraction very annoying.To be continued.........

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