Thursday, December 8, 2011

More distractions at the grocery store

Shaman was very distracted when I went to the grocery store yesterday. He is very fixated on my friend Carla. She took care of him when I was in the hospital this summer. He did not used to be so distractable but ever since the hospital situation, he goes nuts when he sees Carla. He was whining and not listening to me so I gave him a verbal correction but he was still distracted.I then gave him a leash correction. This woman came up to me and told me I was being cruel to my dog.At first I just ignored her but she kept interfering. She said the dog was not right for the job he was doing and that maybe he had to go to the bathroom. I made sure he was relieved be for we went in. The dog has been a guide dog for over 2 years and has worked well. He just has to remember that it is me he is guiding and not Carla. He never acted like that until she took care of him for me.I hate when People interfere when they know nothing about how guide dogs are trained. Her interfering made the dog even more distracted. I finally told her to leave me alone and that unless she was a certified guide dog trainer, she was interfering with the dog doing his job.This Man stopped and was watching the whole situation and told the woman to leave me and the dog alone and that I knew what I was doing. I thanked him and he said he used to train police dogs. After the woman went on her way,Shaman settled down and was much better while we were shopping. I wish people would just mind there own business. The dog knows his job and enjoys working. He just got to know Carla when I was in the hospital and he really likes her. He just needed to be reminded that he was working and the leash correction did that.He was fine the rest of the time out. to be continued................

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