Saturday, December 31, 2011

Scarey man and dog !

A few nights before Christmas I was awakened at 2:30am by the outside dogs barking and howling and carrying on. I opened the front door to find out why they were barking and was shocked to find a man and a Bull dog type dog at my front gate. I asked what he wanted and he did not answer.His dog was making my dogs go nuts. At that hour,I am sure that my neighbors were cursing me for all that noise. I kept asking the man what he wanted but he refused to answer me. I was about to call the police when he said "Merry Christmas" and just walked away.I did not call the police as it was now almost 3:00am and I just went back to bed as the dogs quieted down. Well, today I was on the computer reading the Nagdu list (my guide dog list) and the dogs began carrying on again. I went to the door and the same man and bull dog were at my front gate again.He had no right to come on to my property and I asked him to Please leave and he refused. I threatened to call the police if he did not leave. I called them and he then left. I explained to the officer what took place and he agreed that the man had no business coming on to my property.The officer left to go look for the man and his dog. I hope this does not happen again. It is very scarey,especially because I can not see very well. Shaman was outside at that time and the bull dog was fighting through the fence and the man refused to tell me what he wanted and refused to leave when I asked him to.Very scarey indeed ! to be continued...............

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