Sunday, March 4, 2012

Possible Future Guide Dog ?

Its been a while.I had to retire Wanagi as her valley fever spiked again. I have decided to just keep her as a pet.I was very disappointed but I decided that it was not fair to Wanagi to make her work if she is not well.Any way,things have been going fairly smoothly. Shaman has gotten a little bit "chubby" when I was unable to work him. I was laid up again with an infection in my leg.But I am back to working him again.He is doing great.I have been looking for a dog to train as my guide when I use the manual wheelchair or when I walk short distances with my crutch.I think I have finally found one. Her name is Tipton AKA Tippy. She is a black and white Siberian Husky. She has blue eyes and a white tip on her tail and freckles on her white nose. She has never had any training so we are starting from the very beginning.We are working on house manners and Cat desensitizing. She has learned to sit. She is still very thin and is not a good eater. I had to use cat food to get her started eating.Unfortunately, she has had a litter of pups that are unaccounted for as she was picked up as a stray by Animal Control and never claimed. She is only about 1 year old. Way too young to be bred.Will people ever learn? Any way I have her now and she is a wonderful dog. She will be spayed as soon as her milk has dried up.I will be updating Tippy's training.Wanagi is doing better now. She would have been a good guide dog if she were healthier.But I love her and she is not going anywhere. To be continued.............

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