Thursday, March 22, 2012


Tippy is doing good with her training.She has learned some house manners but still has a ways to go.She is getting a lot better with the cats. I no longer need to use the muzzle on her.She is still curious and pokes them with her nose but she is gentler about it. The cats are putting up with her antics.She is eating better also.She is still pretty thin though.She is my shadow, following me every where.She sleeps at my feet while I watch TV in the afternoon. She plays with Wanagi and Miah out side.Both of them play rough but Tippy plays rougher. Some times Miah, will run and hide under the elephant ear cactus when she has had enough of Tippy.I am starting with basic obedience training.I think I will start taking her for walks using my power wheelchair. That will help get rid of some of her excess energy.She is still very much a puppy. I have given her a knuckle bone to chew on and that is keeping her from chewing on other things. Once she has been spayed I will start taking her to Petsmart to socialize her.She does get along very well with other dogs and she is very friendly with people. She is a very sweet dog. To be continued............

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