Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Dog

I purchased a beautiful black and white Husky female, from a breeder.She has ice blue eyes.She looks similar to Tippy, except she is a short hair and Tippy is a long hair. She was a little shy at first but is coming around fast.She is already bonding with me. We are working on obedience and house manners now. She had never been around cats,but seems to like them. She is a year and a half and is learning fast.She came with the name "Cleo",but that will change! I want to wait until I know what her true personality is and that will take time.I think this dog will make it as a guide dog as she wants to please me and is eager to learn.Her shyness is rapidly being replaced with friendliness and confidence. to be continued.............


  1. Sorry that Tipton didn't work out....I wish the best of luck to your new dog and you....let us know when you have a new name for her. :) Looking forward to meeting you at the Walk For Victims of Pit Bulls and Other Dangerous Dogs! Take care!

  2. Sometimes dogs get a notion about the way to do things and there's no way you can change them. One of my dogs got a notion to start barking whenever someone got near the sink, to indicate that she wanted water. Didn't teach her, and there seems to be no reason to "unlearn" her. Happily, the three mutts we have are generally quiet.