Thursday, August 23, 2012

New dog has a new name

The new dog has a name now. Her name is Nici,pronounced Nee chee.In Lakota ,it means "For you". I know, strange name.This dog was offered to me several times but I could not afford the price. I put her out of my mind as I knew I did not have that kind of money. After Tipton washed out as a guide,I just figured I would use my cane rather than use Shaman if I could not use my power wheelchair.Shaman walks way too fast for me when I walk or use the manual wheelchair. I don't want to confuse him by making him slow down. I need him to walk fast when using the power chair. That is why I wanted a second dog.Any way the dog recently became available to me again at a more reasonable price of $400.00. I had wanted this dog for over a year and decided to sell my diamond ring to get the money to buy her. That is how I got her. She is working out very well with her training.I know this is the right dog for me.I had decided on 3 names.Socorro,Shiloh and Nici. I used each name to call her and the one she responded to was Nici. She chose her own name.I am waiting for the certificate so I can get her spayed. Shaman and Nici get along and play well together. I have been taking her for walks in the neighborhood and she really likes this.Her obedience training is going well and her house manners are getting better. to be continued................

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