Friday, October 26, 2012

Nici's training continues

I discovered that Nici walked behind me when I walked her on a leash. This is definitely not the position the dog needs to be in when guiding a blind person. I thought about what I could do to change this. I decided to try having her pull a brick behind her so she would learn to pull when in harness. This worked very well. She now walks in a better position when on leash. I have actually gotten her to walk next to me with out being on the leash.I think if I work her from my power chair, that I can get her to walk even more in front of me which would be the position needed for guiding.Her obedience is coming along, but her down still needs work. Her recall is non existent when she is outside unless it is feeding time.She does come to me when in the house though.She has learned that socks are not to be chewed and that shoes need to stay where they belong. She has learned that her chew bone is the thing to go for when she feels like chewing.  She is a really nice dog and I am taking my time in training her as I want to make sure she learns every thing that she needs to know. I don't want to rush her. She will learn at her own speed.It's really funny to watch her when I give the other dogs some lovin' time. She gets jealous and puts herself in front of the other dog so I can love on her. I just love this dog!I have not had the money to get her spayed as something always seems to come up when I think I have the money. This month I had to take my elderly cat, Pacman to the vets. He has cataracts  and an infected tooth.He is doing better now but that set me back almost $100.I have to take Puff, my elderly Bearded Dragon in for blood work in November.That will cost me over $200. Maybe I can scrape up the money in December,I hope.  To be continued....................

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