Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I have a new dog !

I went up to San Tan Valley this last Sunday to look at some German Shepherd mix dogs. The one dog I thought I would get, was a little too small. I would have the same problem of her keeping up with the power chair that I had with Nici.I looked at 2 other Pure bred German Shepherds. I really liked both dogs but I chose the one they called "Momma Shepherd". I think this dog is a good match for me. I have not settled on a name yet,but I am working on that.We are currently working on house manners and the sit and down  commands.She is crate trained and potty trained. She also learned the first night, what "OFF THE BED" means and has remembered that . She also knows what "NO" means.She wants to please me. She is a very calm and quiet dog. Not a barker at all.Even when Shaman barks at something,she will look to see what he is barking at but, she doesn't bark.I really like this girl.She is predominately black with a small amount of tan on her neck,chest and legs. She is very pretty.I adopted her through Central Arizona Animal Rescue.She came out of very bad situation,from a back yard breeder. I am told the woman went to jail on neglect and cruelty charges. This poor dog lived in the same pen with 3 German Shepherd males and  they probably bred her every time she came into heat. No dought the puppies in the litters had 3 different fathers. She was selling them for $300.The dogs were starving and living in filth. When I brought her home, at first Shaman was a little jealous, but he has come around and seems to like her now. All the other dogs have accepted her also.Every thing seems to be working out fine.    To be continued...........

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