Friday, May 29, 2015

My new dog now has a name

I had a long list of names  and I chose several that I really liked and called her by those names. She responded to Shulamith.I kept calling her by the other names and she ignored them. When I called her Shulamith, she would turn her head and look at me or she would put her head in my lap.So.....she has picked her own name.She is doing very well with her house manners and the sit command. The down command is non existent at this point.We will keep working on it.She had no training before I got her,so things are going slow.She needs to figure out what I want her to do. When I show her, it takes a little while for the light bulb to go off. But I will let her learn at her own pace. I wish Shaman would not be so jealous of her. Things were going well between the 2 dogs,but my house keeper came yesterday and Shaman adores her. When Ashley said hello to Shulamith,he got jealous and attacked Shula. I got the dogs separated but I can't have dog fights here. I just won't put up with that. I don't want to find a new home for Shaman,but I may have to.I have a basket muzzle on him right now and he has made no attempt to go after Shula but I don't know what will set him off next time. Dogs have come and gone from here as I foster for a rescue.Shaman has never had a problem with any of them. He has seen me working with them on house manners and obedience to make them more adoptable. I just hope Shaman comes around.He has nothing to be jealous about. I love all my dogs,and spend a lot of time with all of them.  To be continued..................

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