Saturday, July 25, 2015

Shulamith is doing well with her training

Shulamith is doing very well with her training.Her house manners are vastly improved. She is better at waiting her turn at getting treats,no longer stealing them out of the mouths of the other dogs. She still has a habit of chewing paper and toilet paper, but that is getting better.We are still working the down command as she is still not good with it yet.I am still trying to get her nails down to where I can put the dog boots on her. I keep cutting little by little, but they keep growing little by little.I wish the vet could just chop them off and get it over with. Shaman has taught her to bark. She sounds just like him and I have to look to see which dog is barking.Shaman has gotten better about his barking but we are still working on Shulamith.She does not bark when she has her training vest on and we are out, but she barks at home,when people walk by the fence. Shaman has gotten better about being around her now. He still growls once in a while but there have been no fights.I have the basket muzzle ready in case I need to put it on him,but he has been good for a while now so.........I have been showing Shulamith what I want her to do when I say down by using Nici or Shaman to show her the down position. Sometimes she will do it,but not consistently yet.She is much better around food now. I can eat an entire meal without her even looking in my direction.If I can just get her to do the down consistently,we will be ready to try going to a restaurant. The training is going slow but she is doing well and I think we are both enjoying it.  To be continued..............

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