Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I introduced Shaman to his new boots

Today, I had to take Nala in for her yearly check up with the vet. I wanted to take Shaman also , but I can't handle both dogs on the bus by my self. Nala checked out fine and got her Rabies shot, and I also got her asthma medicine. This loner wheelchair is the "PITS"! It almost dumped me as we had to detour for some road construction and the place where I had to go was on a severe incline.As the chair tipped,I grabed the joystick hard and the chair spun around fast, almost dumping me. This chair might be ok for some one who can see what is going on but not for a blind person. My chair is far more stable as it has a standard frame and larger wheels. This thing is top heavy as the seat sits on a pole in the middle of it. I wish they would hury up and fix mine, before I get killed in this one! Any how, I managed to get home in one piece. I wanted to work Shaman, but decided to just work him on familiar turf, considering this morning's adventure. It is now very hot in Arizona, so I have been using boots on Nala. I introduced Shaman to his new boots, LOL!!!!! He did not want me to put them on and after strugleing for a while, I finally got them on him. sigh..... He tried walking and lifted each paw up high and shook them. We went down the street with him "prancing" like a show horse. I just had to laugh. He pranced all the way around the block. On the way around the second time, he was walking a little more normal. Shaman stopped at all the right places and did very well. We did not meet any loose dogs, and he did not bark at any of the dogs that barked at him from their yards. I think he is ready to start working in harness. Which means , It is time to buy one. I am going to purchase an inexpensive one for training purposes. I know he is going to fill out a bit more and I am hoping his beautiful long coat will grow back. This will make a difference in the size of the final harness, so I will wait to purchace the more expensive LDS guide dog harness, like the one Nala has. I am still giggeling over the prancing, booted dog. lol. to be continued..............................

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