Thursday, May 7, 2009

Took Shaman to the post office

I decided to take Shaman with me to the post office. As we were going down the side walk, a skateboarder almost ran into us. Shaman stopped and tried to move to the right to avoid this idiot, but the side walk was narrow so he could not move over too far as I would have gone off the side walk with my chair.He stepped in front of me,as we stopped.The skateboarder fell right in front of us and ended up bending my cane. He got up and said some not very nice things and continued on his way. I tried to bend the cane back, but it is still not straight. This means I now must buy a new cane. I continued on my way to the post office. I got the stamps that I needed and started for home. Shaman is getting better at stopping at the curb cuts and driveways. When we started to cross the Grant and Oracle intersection, which is very busy,we got about half way across and this car cut right in front of us. Shaman stopped and backed up so I reversed my chair also.I was so proud of him, and praised him for stopping when he did. I think he gets the fact that he is doing a very important job, and he seems to do better each time we go out.I think he is going to be a very good guide dog. He is very bonded with me and we work well together as a team. He really wants to please me. We have been working on retrieving the small, soft knitted ball like the one on my key chain. I am still using the clicker to train him to retrieve. I don't need the clicker any more for the obedience as he does very well with out using it now. To be continued....................

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