Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Working Shaman at the Mall

Nick and I took the dogs on the bus, to the Mall today. Shaman does very well on the lift, and rides calmly. He is doing better about stopping at curb cuts and driveways. We worked him on the elevator and he did very well. It was like he had been doing it all his life.The Mall elevator is all glass and you can see out,when riding in it. The people on the outside of it can not see into it. Shaman watched the people as we went up and down. I think he likes elevators. We also stopped at the Mall Pet shop to buy some doggie treats. They had lots of puppies and Shaman did not bark at them,even though they barked at our dogs. He behave himself very well. We also worked on the escalators. Nick would approach the escalator and ask Shaman to sit. He picked up on this right away. When we worked him in front of the stairs, he would not even approach them and automatically sat down in front of them. I don't think I will have any trouble with him taking me down a flight of stairs or the escalator. I will teach him to find the elevator or a ramp instead. We stopped outside, on the way to Walmart, to let the dogs releive them selves. Nala did but Shaman did not. I was afraid that Shaman being a male, would try to hike his leg all the time, but he has not done that. I am very impressed with him. I bought a small digital camera at Walmart, so I can take pictures for this Blog. I will work on that Saturday when we work Shaman again. I am not sure where we will take him. I have been working on his retreiving a ball when I throw it.He will go after it and bring it back to me.I am going to start using a small soft nitted ball to see if he will bring that to me. It is just like the one I put on my keychain. I am hoping he will bring me the keys with the ball on them. He learns so fast. He is still on the benadryl and his scratching and chewing are somewhat better but he has not stopped altogether. It does not slow him down at all and I am finding that he is not as distracted as he used to be. Shaman's training is going quite well and I am very happy with him. Nala is also in love with him........... To be continued.....................

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