Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I took Shaman to the grocery store for the first time today

I decided that it was time to take Shaman to the grocery store to see how he did. He was very good. I used my cane with him as he still does not always stop at the right places all the time. He is improving on this. He was much better about the dogs he saw along the way and did not bark at any of them.He did whine at some,but calmed down when I told him to "leave it."It is hard for me to use the cane and the leash in the same hand at the same time as my wrist begins to hurt after a while. The loner wheelchair that I am using is not very comfortable and tips forward very easily if I shift my position. I will be glad when I get my own chair back. Shaman was very good inside the store and turned left and right when asked and even backed up in the pay isle, with no problems. I was very proud of him and gave him lots of praise. He sniffed at a few things, but did not touch anything. He was very responsive to my commands. We stopped to talk with Tess, a friend who loves Nala and has never seen Shaman before. She liked him and he seemed to like her also. Shaman seems to enjoy going out with me and enjoys meeting people. He is still on Benadryl and the vet does not think it is a food allergy. He thinks it is a seasonal allergy. I'm hoping that is all it is. I was afraid that the medicine would dull his senses but he seems to be just as alert as always. On the way home from the store, an ambulance with siren blaring, passed us and Shaman howled as he trotted next to my chair. I just had to laugh. We will be going to the Mall tomorrow to work on the elevator and sitting when coming to stairs. Nick will be working Shaman and I will have Nala. He really does watch her and I think he will learn a lot faster from watching Nala work. To be continued.............

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