Friday, April 17, 2009

Found a new dog at the shelter

I found the most beautiful Husky at the local shelter. My friend, Carla who runs the Tucson Siberian Husky Rescue told me about this dog at the shelter. With her help, we went up to the shelter and adopted her. She had been there for a while and came down with kennel cough, so they were going to euthanize her if we had not adopted her. I named her Wanagi Tate, pronounced Wan ah gee Tah tay. It means Spirit Wind in the Lakota language. (I am half Lakota) She is so beautiful and looks a lot like my Lily! She is pure white. The vet checked her out but at the time, no xrays were done because of cost. Training started. Training was put on hold as her cough became much worse. Back to the vet and test to be done. Diagnosis : the dreaded Valley Fever. She has been on meds for a while now. The cough has cleared up and she is doing very well. Training started again. Making great head way. Teaching her to sit when she comes to steps, drop offs, and stairs. She is really learning fast. Took her to the street fair and she did great. Have been hooking Wanagi's leash to Nala's harness and taking them both out together. The really do learn from each other. The weather was cold and rainy, but I needed to go to the grocery to pick up some odds and ends and decided to take Wanagi in harness alone without Nala. I had my cane with me in case I needed it. She started out ok, but I noticed that she was having trouble keeping up with the wheelchair. She started limping on the way home. I used my cane to get the rest of the way home. Wanagi's Training came to a halt again. When the weather was hot, she was ok, but it has been discovered that she has a hip problem, now that the weather is cold and rainy. I am heart broken. My beautiful Wanagi has to be career changed. Now I must look for another dog to be trained. I just can't part with Wanagi, as I love her, so I will keep her as a pet. I did the same with Max, the Border Collie that could not make it as a guide dog.

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