Friday, April 17, 2009

Long search, not finding a suitable dog.

I have been searching for a suitable guide dog candidate for a while now. I am finding dogs that are too old or too young and dogs that are afraid of my wheelchair. Some dogs that just don't want to work. It is imperative that I find a dog that wants to work and enjoys doing the job. I have tried to retire Nala but she does not want to retire. When she sees me getting ready to go out, she get all excited and brings me her harness. When I put the harness away where she can not get it, she gets upset. She has been picking fights with the other dogs as she is bored and not getting the excesize that she needs. I have decided to work her on her good days. She seems so much happier now. I had been offered a beautiful black and white husky male and was excited to get him here from Phoenix. I guess the owner changed her mind as she has not answered any of my emails or phone messages. I am very disappointed. Several people have done this to me now. Why offer me a dog and then not follow through?..................I am beginning to think that I will have to expand my search to other dog breeds. I really like the husky as a guide dog as they have a great work ethic and can keep up with my wheelchair all day. They also have a great sense of self preservation which makes them excellent at keeping you safe. I have finally found a dog on craigs list that is a Belgium Shepherd. The woman is going to bring him to me this week.... This dog is very beautiful and works well with the wheelchair. He had never even seen a wheelchair before. I am very impressed as he walks in the right position needed for guiding. I did not really want a shepherd, but this is the first dog to meet the requirements of being trainable as a guide dog that I have found in a long while. I have decided to take him. He was rescued from a Phoenix animal shelter, by this woman who just wanted to save him. His adoption fee of $65.oo was very reasonable and I have decided to name him Shaman. He is a beautiful golden color, with a dark nose and ears and some dark hairs on his tail. He has had almost no training, so I am working on his house manners and obediance first.

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