Friday, May 29, 2009

Shaman is bursting with excess energy

We have not done much work in the last week as I just did not feel safe in that loner wheelchair. Now I have my chair back. I hope it does not break down again! As a result of not being worked, Shaman has so much excess energy! We went to the grocery store and he really wanted to run all the way there. He did get distracted a few times with the dogs that barked from their yards, but for the most part, he did good. I stopped along the way to attach my cane to the side of my wheelchair with several bungee cords, allowing it to stick out about 7 inches in front of me. I did this as I was working Shaman in harness and there were a few times he did not stop as soon as he should have because he got distracted. I can't hold the cane and the harness handle in the same hand and I need the other hand on the controls for the chair. If I had a sighted person with me, I would not have needed to do this. I find that this works out well when I am alone as the cane will let me know if I am too close to something. This is familiar territory for us and I had no problems. Shaman was very good in the store and several of the store workers asked where was Nala? I explained that Nala will be retiring soon and Shaman is in training to take over for her. The trip home was good. He had started to settle down now. We did work on obedience last week and also worked on the retrieve. He now picks up the soft knitted ball and hands it to me every time. I am going to start using a similar ball that is on my key chain. I am hoping that he will pick it up with the keys on it. Nick and I discussed Shaman's progress on the phone and it was decided that next month, we will take him to the Movies! This will be a first for Shaman. Nala has been to the movies many times. Shaman's coat is beginning to grow back now. It feels soft again and not like the harsh straw that it was for a while. He still looks like a short hair shepherd rather than the long hair dog that he really is. I am hoping that his full coat will grow back. He is still on the Benadryl and the supplement to stop the shedding. He does not scratch and chew himself as much. The Benadryl does not slow him down "At All"! He is such a good dog and I love him. I hate to see him so uncomfortable with this allergy. If it truley is just a seasonal alleryg, it should go away when winter comes again. Unfortunally, living in Arizona, It is summer most of the time. To be continued..........................

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