Saturday, June 6, 2009

We took Nala and Shaman to an awards ceramony today

Nick took Shaman and I took Nala to an awards ceremony today. Nick was receiving an award for his volunteer work in the community. It was not so hot today, but still hot enough for the dog boots. We had to take 3 buses to get to the Park where the ceremony was being held. There were a lot people there. Shaman was very good and both dogs stayed under the table and were so quiet that at first,no one knew they were there. Then people started coming around to talk with us and noticed the dogs. I took Shaman's harness off and we allowed him to be petted. He was having the time of his life. Nala just went to sleep. There were a lot of children their and they were running around having fun and balloons were breaking and there was a lot of joyous noise. There was also a lot food. Shaman was so good. The balloons breaking did not phase either dog. I was worried that he might be very distracted as the last time we went to the grocery store, he seemed to be getting distracted more than usual. Some times he does not get distracted at all and other days he does. I guess it is still "Puppy Brain." He is now 1 year old. I wonder how long it will be before he "mellows out " a bit? His coat is still growing back and he is starting to look like a Belgian Tervuren again, in stead of a short hair shepherd. He is such a beautiful dog and people are constantly complimenting him and Nala also. When we are out in public, he watches Nala and he is learning a lot from her. I am still working on his retrieve as I still can not get him to pick up the ball with the keys on it. May be he will surprise me one of these days and do it. I guess I just have to be patient and keep working with him. I am going to order his new harness this month. He works fine in his training harness but I think, and so does Nick, that he is ready for his new leather harness. I have 2 rescue dogs that I am working with now. I think Chanta would make a good Mobility Dog and Raven would make an excellent Therapy Dog. We shall see. To be continued.........................

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