Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shaman does better and better every time we go out

I have been taking Shaman out to many new places and he seems to do better each time we go out. We have been to the Pharmacy, the Leather store,the post office, and several different grocery stores, as well as the Mall and several pet stores. I think I will take him to the bank next time my check comes in. Nick and I also plan to take him to see a movie in July. I have not taken him to a restaurant yet, but I know he will do well as he does not beg food when I am eating at home. I did buy a sandwich and a soda at the grocery store deli last week and sat down to eat at the place near the deli there. He was very good and just lay down under the table,while I ate my dinner. I have also taken him to the Food Court at the mall several times. Nick and I have taken some pictures to add to this blog, but Nick forgot to bring the camera when he was here last weekend, so he could not down load them into my computer. Oh well, maybe this week end. I have ordered Shaman,s new guide dog harness and am now waiting for it to come. I got it made in burgundy leather, as I think that color will look nice against is golden coat. His coat is also getting longer now. I hope it will look as nice as it did when I first got him, before his allergies started up. Not having used a shepherd guide before, I was concerned that he might not be able to keep up with my power wheelchair as well as my previous husky guides. I do not need to worry about that. He has plenty of energy and has a good pull into the harness. I find it very easy to feel every move he makes. Shaman is finally getting more comfortable in rush hour traffic. For a while he was a bit hesitant to cross a busy intersection during rush hour. Loose dogs are still a problem. He gets distracted when they run out into the street after us. We are still working on this. My friend, Carla, who runs the Tucson Siberian Husky Rescue, came for a visit today and brought lots of treats, toys and some food for my foster dogs as well as my service dogs. I have been working with the foster rescue dogs and training them for service work. I am training Chanta as a mobility service dog. She is a husky/shepherd cross. I think Raven would be a great Psychiatric service dog. She is really a Velcro dog and wants to be with a person every minute. She frequently nudges you and keeps eye contact, just waiting for her next command. Raven is a husky/labrador cross and has a beautiful shiny black coat,with a little spot of white on her chest and on her toes. She is very friendly. Well it is dogie dinner time now so , see you next time...........................

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