Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shaman was outstanding to day!

I have decided that Shaman is ready to start going to all the places that I go. He is ready to be a guide dog.I took him on the bus by myself today. This bus had a short lift and I can't fit on the lift with the dog. I extended Shaman's leash and he went up the steps and stood waiting for me to come up on the lift. He was perfect! He loves to ride on the bus so he was good. I went to the doctor's office and he was again perfect. We had to cross 2 very busy main streets and he was perfect. No hesitation at all, and he waited for me to tell him when to cross . We walked through the Mall and stopped at the food court to have a snack. Shaman went under the table and stayed there while I ate my ice cream. When I was finished, I gave him some water and some doggie treats. I asked him to find the trash can and he took me to the closest one by the door. We took another walk around the Mall and I asked him to find the elevator. He heard the word elevator and perked up as he loves to ride the elevator. He found it quickly and up we went.Walked around the upper level and then left the Mall to go to the Bus station. I gave the forward command to cross the street,but he did not go forward. A car came around the corner and if he had gone on my command , we could have been hit as this car was speeding and went through the red light! I praised him and gave him some good pets and I big kiss. We then had to wait for the light to change again and this time he proceded on my command to go forward. We took the bus to the grocery store. While on the bus, a man stepped on Shaman and he yelped and then tucked his feet under neath himself. We picked up the few things I needed and then headed for home. I am so proud of him! He acted like he had beed a guide dog for years,instead of only a short time. I know he is going to be a wonderful guide for me......To be continued.....

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