Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shaman has passed the blindfold test !

Well, Shaman has passed the blindfold test. This was conducted in an area which was semi familiar and another area which was new to Shaman. He had to cross 5 busy streets, find a bus stop, ride up on the bus lift, and then when we got to our destination, ride the lift down and then we went into a restaurant to have lunch and celebrate the occasion. He was perfect! His new harness arrived the day after my birthday, 63 years young now! The burgundy color looks nice on his golden coat. I also got a new leash to match the harness. He is a wonderful dog and I love him very much! I hope we have a good partnership for many years as it took me 1 1/2 years to find the right dog and I do not want to repeat the process any time soon. I will continue to use Nala once in a while as she still hates to be left home, when she sees me going out with Shaman. I must keep her happy and this seems to work. I still have no pictures for this blog yet as Nick was unable to come today with his camera. May be next week end ???? I will continue to cronnicle Shaman's life as my guide dog from time to time here for any one who is interested. We still have some things to work on and the bond between us will grow as time goes on. I enjoy sharing this with people......To be continued.......

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