Sunday, July 5, 2009

I am so proud of Shaman!

On July 2nd, we went to the bank and picked up my money. This time the bus had the new ramp, which I like much better then the lifts. Shaman led me right up into the bus and off we went to do some shopping. He was very good in all the stores we went into. We spent a lot of time in one shoe store as I had to try on so many shoes until I found a pair that fit my small but wide feet. The sales lady was very patient with me and I really appreciated that. She commented on how cute Shaman's shoes were and she said she was glad to see that I cared enough about my dogs feet to have shoes for him. It is so hot here in Arizona, that I would never leave home in the summer with out putting shoes on the dogs. I then went to Walmart to look at printers as mine nolonger works. I found a good one for a reasnoable price, that will work with my computer. Shaman was so good. He just sat down and waited until I was done looking at the printers. The salesman was impressed with him, as he was so calm and well behaved. I picked up a few more items and then we headed for home as it looked like it just might rain. It did rain as we waited for the bus, but we did not get wet as we waited under the roof at the bus station. By the time we got home, it had already rained there. I thought Shaman would be tired from working most of the day but he trotted home as if we had only been out for a short time. He has unlimmited energy. I am so proud of Shaman. I thought it would take longer to train him for guide work than it has. It was slow at first but once he realized what I wanted of him, he picked up on the training quite fast. He is doing so well for such a young dog. We still have a few things to work on but I think that it will not take long before he will be certified. By his trainer. To be continued..................

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