Monday, September 28, 2009

Good boy, Shaman, good boy!

Shaman and I went to the grocery store last night. We were on the side walk in front of the store and we came across a dog tied up just out side the entrance. Some one left this dog tied out there while they went in to shop. As we approached the dog, it growled and lunged at us. Shaman stopped. He did not growl back at the dog. He was very calm and just waited to see if the dog would move out of the way and let us pass. The dog continued to growl at us. I decided that it was best to just wait and see if the owner came out and controlled the dog. Several people approached Shaman and I and offered to go into the store to see if they could find the dog's owner. Shaman remained calm and never showed any aggression toward the growling dog in our way. Finally, the owner did come out and moved the dog.I am so proud of Shaman. He behaved perfectly and kept us from possibly being attacked by this dog. Good boy, Shaman, good boy. To be continued..........

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