Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What are people thinking ?

I went to a thrift shop to check out computer monitors for a friend. They had quite a few. I made a call to my friend to let her know about them. I then went on to check out the pots and pans as I need a new pan for cooking. I found one with the help of a fellow shopper. While I was in line waiting to pay for it, a man and his 2 unleashed dogs came into the store. Of course one of the dogs came right up to Shaman, and started to growl . I asked the man to please control his dog. I also informed him that Tucson has a leash law and he did not have his dogs on a leash. He said that since the dogs were in the store, they did not need to be leashed. He accused Shaman of growling at his dog. Shaman ignored his dog and I tried moving away from it but it kept bothering Shaman. At this point, I was getting annoyed. The dog kept growling at Shaman and Shaman started to growl back at it. I gave him a verbal correction and he stopped. I made a complaint about this man and his dogs to the store clerk, but she did nothing. The man said he always comes into this store with his dogs. I asked him if they were service dogs and he did not answer me. Just walked away, leaving me to believe that they were probably not service dogs , just pets. The one dog continued harassing Shaman and I until we left the store. I guess that this man thought his dogs had more rights than Shaman did. My dog is a guide dog. If he harassed a customer like that dog did, I could have been asked to leave. What are these people thinking ? Do I have any rights here ? Next I went to the grocery store to pick up a small bag of dog food and some dog biscuits. There were several people who commented on the shoes that Shaman was wearing. I explained that they keep his feet from being burned by the hot pavement. A woman came up to us in the isle and proceeded to laugh at Shaman's shoes, and said "what will they think of next." "What a pampered pooch".She then proceeded to pet Shaman. I asked her to please not pet the dog and she started to yell at me that she would pet him if she wanted to. I tried to tell her that she was distracting him from doing his job as a guide dog. She just yelled back for me to shut up and leave her alone. She was the one yelling, not me. Does this woman think that my dog was put on this earth just for her to pet? What are people thinking? Do they have no common sense ? So many people have petted Shaman that now when he sees a hand extend out to pet him, he goes right to that person. These people who insist on petting my dog are undoing his training, not to mention the fact that it could be a dangerous situation for me. Do they not even stop and think about this? I could not wait to get out of the store and go home. What are People thinking??????? To be continued............

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