Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pictures ! Finally, Pictures of Shaman on the blog

I finally got the pictures on the blog! I had to figure out how to do it as Nick is to busy with school now. You will have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page as I haven't figured out how to put them any where else. I will keep on working at it. Shaman is feeling the heat when we go out. I try to go out early in the morning to avoid the mid day heat, but some times that is not possible. I always carry several bottles of water for both of us. I stop frequently in the shade or in a store or the mall to let him cool off. I wet down his head and ears and his feet with water, to keep him cool. I am thinking about getting a " Cooler Jacket " for Shaman to wear in the summer. I have also thought of training another dog, one with less hair, for working in summer, and working Shaman only in the Fall and Winter and Spring. I really don't think I want to go through trying to find another dog to train though. It took me a long time to find Wanagi and then I had to career change her because of health and hip problems. It took me over a year to find Shaman . Poor Shaman tries to go into the stores that have their doors propped open. Down by the University almost all the doors are open and he turns to go into each one to try and get cool. When I feel him start to turn , I tell him "not now" and give the forward command. Sometimes I have to give the forward command several times to get him off the bus as it is cool there and he does not want to leave. This can be embarrassing........... Nala is not bothered by the heat as much as Shaman. He has a longer coat of hair than she does. I guess I will go with "Cooler Jacket" and see if that works. Enjoy the pictures for now.**The pictures have been moved to the side bar** To be continued..........

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