Tuesday, November 24, 2009

People keep distracting Shaman

I had to go to the pet shop to day. I dreaded getting on the bus. When the bus pulled up to the stop,it had a short lift so the dog and I can't fit on it at the same time. I undid the leash to full length and Shaman went up the steps. Since I had him on a long leash,I had very little control other than him being attached to my hand. The hands reached out and petted him and I could do nothing to stop it. I went up on the lift and tried to get into the wheelchair bay,but Shaman was busy making the rounds to every one to get petted. He would not back up so I had to ride backwards, because the driver said she did not have time to wait on the dog.Shaman has been petted so much that he now goes up to people to get petted.I tried to correct him first with my voice and when he ignored me ,I gave a leash correction. I was yelled at and told I was being cruel to my dog. Why can't people mind their own business and leave my dog alone. His training is being compromised by these people. Some of these people are petting Shaman just to annoy me,as they are the same people I have asked repeatedly to please not pet my dog. I am at my wits end. I dread going out now because I know what will happen.I can't have a dog that is constantly distracted. It could be very dangerous. To be continued...................

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