Friday, November 20, 2009

Shaman was distracted and I ran over his foot

After my doctor's appointment, I ran some errands and then went to the grocery store. Several people petted Shaman and he got distracted. I gave him the command, Left but he did not turn left,instead crossing in front of my chair to go to some one petting him.I ran over his foot and he yelped! I told the man who had distracted him that it was his fault that this happened. He told me that I should watch where I was going. People just don't get it. The dog is my eyes, because I can't see where I am going. When you pet the "cute doggie" and "doggie" gets distracted,he is not watching out for me. I hate it when I run over my dogs foot and I am quite sure the dog is not pleased either.The man said to me,"are you going to punish the dog"? I told him that I was sure that the dog already knew that he was wrong and that his sore paw would remind him of that. Why can't people just leave guide and service dogs alone to do the job they were trained to do? Why must they always interfere? This man acted like I ran over Shaman's foot on purpose just to teach him a lesson. I would really like to run over this man's foot and teach him a lesson. I am so sick of people interfering with my dog. I have tried to be polite and educate them but they don't care.They just want to pet the "cute doggie".Then there are those people standing around and whispering about what just happened.Looking at me with disgust, and making snide comments. I feel like yelling at them to just leave me and my dog alone,but I hold my breath and bite my tongue and just roll away with Shaman limping.I did not get all the things I needed to get as I was disgusted and poor Shaman was limping. I just wanted to get out of the store and get home. I checked Shaman's paw and it did not seem to be broken, but he still limps slightly several days later. I will wait until it is better before I use him again. I am hoping that he will learn that he can't get so distracted by people. I know he is still young and he is so friendly that he does not realize he must ignore these people. I feel bad that I hurt my dog. I guess I will go back to using a sign again,although that did not work before. To be continued..........................

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