Friday, April 13, 2012

Tipton's on going training

                                                  Tipton aka Tippy
Tippy is doing well with her training.She will walk on a loose leash most of the time. She will sit and lie down when asked. She still needs a lot of work with house manners though! She has been chewing on things like my mouse cord and electrical cords and table legs and my pillows...I am using a lot of bitter apple.She also steels food.....But OH.....that voice of hers. The word BANSHEE comes to mind.When she is in her crate and I leave the house, she sounds like she is being beaten or tortured.We have to work on that for sure.Tippy was spayed today.She is home now but she is still pretty much out of it. She is lying on her blanket next to me. I have to wait until she is fully awake before I can give her a pain pill. My poor baby! to be continued.........