Saturday, December 19, 2015

Good News !

Shaman had his growth removed yesterday. It turned out to be a cyst and not a soft tissue sarcoma. A large fluid filled cyst and  NOT cancer.I am greatly relieved, and he is doing fine.Shaman does not have cancer after all.I am so happy that my beautiful boy is OK !!!!!!!!!!!  to be continued..........

Shulamith went to a new home

Shulamith went home with a disabled Vet. She will be his companion. He is aware of her behavioural problems and is willing to work with her. I hope it works out for the both of them.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Shaman has cancer

I took Shaman in to a different vet to have his growth looked at and as I suspected, he has cancer. She called it a soft tissue sarcoma. I should have taken him in to get a second opinion when I was told it was a cyst and to leave it alone as it would only come back if the vet removed it. I won't make that mistake again. I made an appointment to have the tumor removed. I hope they can get it all out. Poor Shaman, he has suffered so many problems in his life time.He is only 7 years old. I will do what I can for him. He is such a wonderful dog. I am greatly saddened as don't know how much longer I will have him...   to be continued...............

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Carla came over the other day and took pictures of the dogs and also Sedona. She also brought some collars and some toys for Sedona. Carla also took pictures of Shulamith so we can post her on craigs list. This is Sedona before her other ear came up.

I have a new puppy !

I have a new Puppy,but it is not a white shepherd.I had no luck with the white shepherd breeders. One turned me down because she said I already had too many dogs. The other breeder said she would sell me a puppy but, she would not have any until next year and she said she already had some reservations on that planned breeding that she had to honer. If there was a female left,then I could have that one.I decided to keep looking,because I need a dog that has the right temperament  to be a guide dog. If there were a female  puppy left after the people who already had reservations on what they wanted, well I don't know for sure if that one would be the right one for the job.I decided to look at Dutch Shepherds as that was my second choice after I found out that the Belgian breeders were not planning any litters for the next couple of years.I emailed several breeders. One was in Phoenix. The only one I heard back from was Aachen Kennels. Keely McKee emailed me back with in 5 minutes of her getting my email. Any way she gave me a real good deal on a female puppy.These puppies are temperament tested to see what they are best suited for as Aachen Kennels sells a lot of their dogs for police work,detection work,Dog sports and service and therapy work.The rest are sold as pets or for private security and protection.This puppy was classified as a pet.She did not have the drive needed for police work. The more she described this puppy,I agreed that she just might be right for training as a guide dog. My puppy was shipped by air and arrived on the 20th of November. She is absolutely beautiful,and is very smart. She is already walking on a leash pretty well. She also pees out side and we are still working on pooping out side.She is only 9 weeks old.She comes to her name and comes when I call her.Her name is Sedona.When she first arrived,she had one ear up and the other one sort of half up. It is now up all the way.I think she is growing each night. She is already bigger than she was the first day and is getting heavier to pick up. She is so sweet,I just love her so much. I have had some calls on Shulamith,but the people had other small dogs so I told them that she does not get along with other dogs. One woman called and wanted her. She had an infant child.When you have a small child, you do not have time to work with a German Shepherd that needs continued training. I also don't know how Shulamith is with small children. Shulamith is a very energetic dog and might knock down a small child. I still have hope that the right person is out there somewhere looking for a shepherd that needs love,kindness and training.Today when I was working with Shulamith,She sat, lay down and sat up again, on cue and off leash. She is a smart dog and enjoys doing the things I have taught her. She just needs some one who is patient with her and will work with her every day. She really is a nice dog. She just needs to live without other dogs.    To be continued..........

Saturday, October 24, 2015

I am thinking about getting a White Shepherd Puppy

I have decided that rescue dogs are not the way to go when looking for a dog to train.I have had very limited success doing that. Lily was bought from a breeder,Nala was bought from a breeder and Nici also came from a breeder. The only rescue that worked out as a guide dog was Shaman.There were several dogs,all rescues, that did not work out. It is heart breaking to start training a dog and then realize that for various reasons, that dog is just not the right dog for the job.You have already become attached to this dog and now you must find another home for it.Then you have to start all over again,looking for the right dog.Well, I can't seem to find the right dog.When I think I might have found one and reply to the add,the dog is either already taken or no one even answers my inquiry.I am looking for a specific breed  and most of the dogs in the shelters here are Pit Bulls or Chihuahuas.I am thinking about getting a puppy to train.I have always wanted a White Shepherd,but the White Shepherd Rescue here will not let you adopt one if you have more than one other dog. I am hopping that I can purchase a puppy from a breeder.I have filled out an application with one breeder so far. I will wait and see how that goes. If I get a puppy to train,it won't come to me with any bad habits that have to be untrained. I will have a dog that I can train to do the tasks that I need in my guide dog. A dog customized to my needs..If it is meant to be,it will happen. I am hoping it will.......  to be continued......

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shulamith is up for adoption

The Rescue where I got Shulamith has said that I can find her a home as they still do not have room for her. Johnny and Dave have said they will help me find the right home for her. Carla also offered to help and so did my house keeper as she is also in Rescue.I should be able to find some one who will be the right person for her.I am still looking for that right dog to train.I am looking for another Shepherd, or possibly a Husky Shepherd mix. I hope I find a dog before the winter months are over. It is very hard for me to train in the Summer as the heat is just too much for me. I can do the Mall and go shopping while training but I need to be able to train for Traffic checks and curbs and over head obstacles and other obstacle avoidance ect. out side. These things can not be learned in a mall. I would really like to find another Belgian Shepherd,but it will have to be a female. I can't bring in another male. This would not be fair to Shaman.Most of all, I need a dog that can get along with and live with other dogs and does not fight. I need a dog that is tall enough and has long legs so that she can work from my power wheelchair with no trouble. I need a dog that is willing to work and learn all the things that a guide dog needs to know,so we can work as a team and keep each other safe. The hardest part of training your own guide dog is finding the right dog to train. It is very time consuming and if the dog does not work out,you have to find another home for it and start all over again.         to be continued..............

Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Developments

Since my last post,there have been several new developments.I had another Hospital stay and I am still recovering.I had to put my 15 year old Border Collie, Max down. He was pretty much deaf and blind and he was senile. His allergies were so bad that he was ripping chunks of his hair out and had licked his paws bald. He was suffering and It was time to put an end to it.  I still miss him, but at least he is not suffering any more. Shulamith has found her true personality,and it is not what I need in a guide dog.I guess because she had never lived in a proper home before, she has  discovered who she is now. She has become very jealous
 around the other dogs and when I show them any attention ,she goes after them. She wants all the attention for her self. She has started barking in stores and it is hard to get her to stop.She has also been attacking poor Shaman.There have been several serious fights. This is not the personality I want in a guide dog.  She is being returned to the rescue where I got her as soon as they have room for her. She needs a home where she is the only dog. She needs an owner that is willing to work with her,that is kind and patient. She is a smart dog and wants to learn but it is hard with other dogs around.She is not a bad dog by any means. She just has found her self and needs a home where she can have the attention she needs with out having to share it with other dogs.I think she will make a wonderful pet for a person that has Shepherd experience, and is kind and patient with her. I have taught her to sit, and lie down and to stay.Her house manners have greatly improved. She still gets into the trash can and chews papers into tiny pieces,occasionally. She is a very sweet dog when not around other dogs.I, how ever need a dog that will be able to live in the same house with other dogs and one that does not fight. So I must continue to look for the right dog to train as my next guide. The hardest part of owner training a guide dog, is finding the right dog.        to be continued.............

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Shulamith is OK

Shulamith is OK. She is no longer limping at all. I had to go to Petsmart to get some reptile bulbs for the Dragons and decided to take Shulamith along. Dave, a friend, handled her so I could use Nici for guiding.She was pretty good until a dog started barking at her.........She barked back and I had a time trying to get her to stop barking. She did stop though. I didn't use the Halti on her in the store.I will next time.We then went to the grocery store and I put the Halti on her. She was much better and Dave had no trouble getting her to walk on a loose leash. She had a wandering nose but was quickly reminded that is unacceptable behavior  in a grocery store. For the most part,she was very good in the grocery store. We plan to take her again on Monday when I go to the bank and do my shopping. Dave will handle her again.I will also use the Halti as she is much better with it on.   to be continued...............

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shulamith is limping

Yesterday I noticed that  Shulamith was limping. My first thought was the dreaded Valley Fever.  Then I thought maybe she just got injured from playing roughly with the other dogs.Today, She is much better which leads me to think it is an injury from playing with the other dogs. Today,I don't see the limp at a walk, but at a trot I can see a slight limp. It was much worse yesterday,being visible at a walk,and much more visible at her trot..I will see if she improves more tomorrow and go from there. If she is limping worse again,we will have to see the vet. I am hoping that she will not have any limp at all tomorrow.   to be continued.............

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Shulamith is doing well with her training

Shulamith is doing very well with her training.Her house manners are vastly improved. She is better at waiting her turn at getting treats,no longer stealing them out of the mouths of the other dogs. She still has a habit of chewing paper and toilet paper, but that is getting better.We are still working the down command as she is still not good with it yet.I am still trying to get her nails down to where I can put the dog boots on her. I keep cutting little by little, but they keep growing little by little.I wish the vet could just chop them off and get it over with. Shaman has taught her to bark. She sounds just like him and I have to look to see which dog is barking.Shaman has gotten better about his barking but we are still working on Shulamith.She does not bark when she has her training vest on and we are out, but she barks at home,when people walk by the fence. Shaman has gotten better about being around her now. He still growls once in a while but there have been no fights.I have the basket muzzle ready in case I need to put it on him,but he has been good for a while now so.........I have been showing Shulamith what I want her to do when I say down by using Nici or Shaman to show her the down position. Sometimes she will do it,but not consistently yet.She is much better around food now. I can eat an entire meal without her even looking in my direction.If I can just get her to do the down consistently,we will be ready to try going to a restaurant. The training is going slow but she is doing well and I think we are both enjoying it.  To be continued..............

Friday, May 29, 2015

My new dog now has a name

I had a long list of names  and I chose several that I really liked and called her by those names. She responded to Shulamith.I kept calling her by the other names and she ignored them. When I called her Shulamith, she would turn her head and look at me or she would put her head in my lap.So.....she has picked her own name.She is doing very well with her house manners and the sit command. The down command is non existent at this point.We will keep working on it.She had no training before I got her,so things are going slow.She needs to figure out what I want her to do. When I show her, it takes a little while for the light bulb to go off. But I will let her learn at her own pace. I wish Shaman would not be so jealous of her. Things were going well between the 2 dogs,but my house keeper came yesterday and Shaman adores her. When Ashley said hello to Shulamith,he got jealous and attacked Shula. I got the dogs separated but I can't have dog fights here. I just won't put up with that. I don't want to find a new home for Shaman,but I may have to.I have a basket muzzle on him right now and he has made no attempt to go after Shula but I don't know what will set him off next time. Dogs have come and gone from here as I foster for a rescue.Shaman has never had a problem with any of them. He has seen me working with them on house manners and obedience to make them more adoptable. I just hope Shaman comes around.He has nothing to be jealous about. I love all my dogs,and spend a lot of time with all of them.  To be continued..................

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I have a new dog !

I went up to San Tan Valley this last Sunday to look at some German Shepherd mix dogs. The one dog I thought I would get, was a little too small. I would have the same problem of her keeping up with the power chair that I had with Nici.I looked at 2 other Pure bred German Shepherds. I really liked both dogs but I chose the one they called "Momma Shepherd". I think this dog is a good match for me. I have not settled on a name yet,but I am working on that.We are currently working on house manners and the sit and down  commands.She is crate trained and potty trained. She also learned the first night, what "OFF THE BED" means and has remembered that . She also knows what "NO" means.She wants to please me. She is a very calm and quiet dog. Not a barker at all.Even when Shaman barks at something,she will look to see what he is barking at but, she doesn't bark.I really like this girl.She is predominately black with a small amount of tan on her neck,chest and legs. She is very pretty.I adopted her through Central Arizona Animal Rescue.She came out of very bad situation,from a back yard breeder. I am told the woman went to jail on neglect and cruelty charges. This poor dog lived in the same pen with 3 German Shepherd males and  they probably bred her every time she came into heat. No dought the puppies in the litters had 3 different fathers. She was selling them for $300.The dogs were starving and living in filth. When I brought her home, at first Shaman was a little jealous, but he has come around and seems to like her now. All the other dogs have accepted her also.Every thing seems to be working out fine.    To be continued...........

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sadly I have Retired Shaman, and decided to get another dog to work as a guide dog.

Sadly I have retired Shaman, My wheel chair guide dog.  He has been unable to work all winter and I feel it is best that he retire.I have searched the Internet looking for a female Shepherd or Shepherd type dog to train as a guide dog.I will have to  to take out a loan to get this dog as I had to pay a vet bill for Nici my current guide dog.She and Tess, one of my foster dogs, got sick from eating something outside. I think one of my neighbors threw some thing, maybe bones over the fence and these 2 got it before the other dogs did.Luckily, the rescue paid the vet bill on Tess. They are both better now but I was left with out the cash to pay the adoption fee for the dog I wanted.I qualified for the loan and go Tuesday to sign the paper work and get my loan.I have to make an appointment with the rescue to go and see 2 dogs and will decide which one will be the best choice to be a guide dog.One is a female Shepherd mix. She is black and tan but mostly black. The other one is a Lab/shepherd mix. She looks almost like a white Shepherd,but is a light tan color.I hope I will be coming home with one of these dogs. My friend Dave has agreed to help with the socializing of the dog and teaching her to ride the bus.  I will be working with the obedience and house manners.When she is ready I will start the guide training.I think Shaman is OK about being retired.He seems to be enjoying himself. I just felt that with his severe allergies that it was unfair to keep working him as I think the stress from guiding me was triggering a lot of his allergy symptoms. He does seem a little better now as I think the Raw Honey treatments are helping him. His ears have cleared up now that I am using a different medication for that but, I know he will get another ear infection soon  that will have to be treated again.The vet calls it allergy ears. Shaman also has a cyst on his side that has gotten bigger and is right where the harness goes around him.The vet has told me that it can be removed by surgery, but will most likely come back.Shaman and Max, one of my retired service dogs are both still on their grain free food but most of their allergies are environmental so they are both on medications for that.Max is now 15 and almost deaf and has cataracts, and is getting senile.I sadly wonder how much longer he will be with us.I seem to have several older animals and I realize that some day they too will be gone. I lost Flathead my 15 year old cat  and  Pacman my 19 year old cat and Puff my 16 year old Bearded Dragon last year and it was very sad.I do have their ashes though to remember them . Well on to more happy thoughts. The new dog will be trained to work with the power wheelchair like Shaman did. Nici will continue to work with the manual chair and with me walking when I am able to walk.Nici has much shorter legs than Shaman,and just could not keep up with  the power chair.She is still a very good guide dog so I will continue to work her. She and I are very close and have a special bond. I love all my animals but  my guide dogs are always special.I have a list of names to go through when I get my new dog.I will have to see what fits the dog's personality.  To be continued..........

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dog needs a home

There is a very nice young dog that needs a home. Her name is "Feisty" and she is a mix of Australian Shepherd and Terrier.She was a rescue and is in need of a home with out other dogs as she is frighted  of other dogs.She may be able to live with a very calm dog.She is very good with people and loves to be petted. She is also very smart and wants to please. She would make a good therapy dog or possibly a service dog. You can contact me  at   wolfsinger.lakota@gmail .com if interested in this very special dog.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Summer has gone and Winter is here!

I expected Shaman's allergies to clear up by now as most of his allergies are environmental.He has not cleared up at all. He is still scratching and chewing himself. His coat looks terrible. He is only 5 years old,yet he looks like an old dog.I have decided to retire him as guiding is a stressful job and stress can trigger allergies. I read an article about using raw bee honey for dogs with allergies. The idea is to increase the amount over time and that should get them used to the various pollens that are in the air,as they are also in the honey. Honey also has healing properties in it. I think it is worth a try to make life more comfortable for Shaman.             Christmas was a good one, but also sad. The loss of my 19 year old cat,Paccman and the loss of my 16 year old Bearded Dragon Puff, made it a sad time. New years Eve was a quiet one here. The weather here has been warm,cold, rain back to cold again. I hope it warms up again as Nici needs more work. Johnny and I are going to work our dogs at the mall soon.  To be continued................                                                                                                                                                              .