Thursday, August 23, 2012

New dog has a new name

The new dog has a name now. Her name is Nici,pronounced Nee chee.In Lakota ,it means "For you". I know, strange name.This dog was offered to me several times but I could not afford the price. I put her out of my mind as I knew I did not have that kind of money. After Tipton washed out as a guide,I just figured I would use my cane rather than use Shaman if I could not use my power wheelchair.Shaman walks way too fast for me when I walk or use the manual wheelchair. I don't want to confuse him by making him slow down. I need him to walk fast when using the power chair. That is why I wanted a second dog.Any way the dog recently became available to me again at a more reasonable price of $400.00. I had wanted this dog for over a year and decided to sell my diamond ring to get the money to buy her. That is how I got her. She is working out very well with her training.I know this is the right dog for me.I had decided on 3 names.Socorro,Shiloh and Nici. I used each name to call her and the one she responded to was Nici. She chose her own name.I am waiting for the certificate so I can get her spayed. Shaman and Nici get along and play well together. I have been taking her for walks in the neighborhood and she really likes this.Her obedience training is going well and her house manners are getting better. to be continued................

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Dog

I purchased a beautiful black and white Husky female, from a breeder.She has ice blue eyes.She looks similar to Tippy, except she is a short hair and Tippy is a long hair. She was a little shy at first but is coming around fast.She is already bonding with me. We are working on obedience and house manners now. She had never been around cats,but seems to like them. She is a year and a half and is learning fast.She came with the name "Cleo",but that will change! I want to wait until I know what her true personality is and that will take time.I think this dog will make it as a guide dog as she wants to please me and is eager to learn.Her shyness is rapidly being replaced with friendliness and confidence. to be continued.............

Update : Tipton has been Adopted

Tippy went to her new home.The people wanted her even though they knew she screeched. They really liked her and she seemed to like them.Their home and fences checked out OK and I feel that it is a good home.I do miss her though. She is a very beautiful long hair Husky!

Sadly,Tipton is not going to make it as a guide dog

I have been unable to stop Tipton from screeching. I have put her up for adoption.I was really hoping that she would make it as my next guide but she just would not stop the screeching,and turned up the volume if she thought no one was listening.I think she just liked listening to herself.