Thursday, January 8, 2015

Summer has gone and Winter is here!

I expected Shaman's allergies to clear up by now as most of his allergies are environmental.He has not cleared up at all. He is still scratching and chewing himself. His coat looks terrible. He is only 5 years old,yet he looks like an old dog.I have decided to retire him as guiding is a stressful job and stress can trigger allergies. I read an article about using raw bee honey for dogs with allergies. The idea is to increase the amount over time and that should get them used to the various pollens that are in the air,as they are also in the honey. Honey also has healing properties in it. I think it is worth a try to make life more comfortable for Shaman.             Christmas was a good one, but also sad. The loss of my 19 year old cat,Paccman and the loss of my 16 year old Bearded Dragon Puff, made it a sad time. New years Eve was a quiet one here. The weather here has been warm,cold, rain back to cold again. I hope it warms up again as Nici needs more work. Johnny and I are going to work our dogs at the mall soon.  To be continued................                                                                                                                                                              .