Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Carla came over the other day and took pictures of the dogs and also Sedona. She also brought some collars and some toys for Sedona. Carla also took pictures of Shulamith so we can post her on craigs list. This is Sedona before her other ear came up.

I have a new puppy !

I have a new Puppy,but it is not a white shepherd.I had no luck with the white shepherd breeders. One turned me down because she said I already had too many dogs. The other breeder said she would sell me a puppy but, she would not have any until next year and she said she already had some reservations on that planned breeding that she had to honer. If there was a female left,then I could have that one.I decided to keep looking,because I need a dog that has the right temperament  to be a guide dog. If there were a female  puppy left after the people who already had reservations on what they wanted, well I don't know for sure if that one would be the right one for the job.I decided to look at Dutch Shepherds as that was my second choice after I found out that the Belgian breeders were not planning any litters for the next couple of years.I emailed several breeders. One was in Phoenix. The only one I heard back from was Aachen Kennels. Keely McKee emailed me back with in 5 minutes of her getting my email. Any way she gave me a real good deal on a female puppy.These puppies are temperament tested to see what they are best suited for as Aachen Kennels sells a lot of their dogs for police work,detection work,Dog sports and service and therapy work.The rest are sold as pets or for private security and protection.This puppy was classified as a pet.She did not have the drive needed for police work. The more she described this puppy,I agreed that she just might be right for training as a guide dog. My puppy was shipped by air and arrived on the 20th of November. She is absolutely beautiful,and is very smart. She is already walking on a leash pretty well. She also pees out side and we are still working on pooping out side.She is only 9 weeks old.She comes to her name and comes when I call her.Her name is Sedona.When she first arrived,she had one ear up and the other one sort of half up. It is now up all the way.I think she is growing each night. She is already bigger than she was the first day and is getting heavier to pick up. She is so sweet,I just love her so much. I have had some calls on Shulamith,but the people had other small dogs so I told them that she does not get along with other dogs. One woman called and wanted her. She had an infant child.When you have a small child, you do not have time to work with a German Shepherd that needs continued training. I also don't know how Shulamith is with small children. Shulamith is a very energetic dog and might knock down a small child. I still have hope that the right person is out there somewhere looking for a shepherd that needs love,kindness and training.Today when I was working with Shulamith,She sat, lay down and sat up again, on cue and off leash. She is a smart dog and enjoys doing the things I have taught her. She just needs some one who is patient with her and will work with her every day. She really is a nice dog. She just needs to live without other dogs.    To be continued..........