Saturday, October 24, 2015

I am thinking about getting a White Shepherd Puppy

I have decided that rescue dogs are not the way to go when looking for a dog to train.I have had very limited success doing that. Lily was bought from a breeder,Nala was bought from a breeder and Nici also came from a breeder. The only rescue that worked out as a guide dog was Shaman.There were several dogs,all rescues, that did not work out. It is heart breaking to start training a dog and then realize that for various reasons, that dog is just not the right dog for the job.You have already become attached to this dog and now you must find another home for it.Then you have to start all over again,looking for the right dog.Well, I can't seem to find the right dog.When I think I might have found one and reply to the add,the dog is either already taken or no one even answers my inquiry.I am looking for a specific breed  and most of the dogs in the shelters here are Pit Bulls or Chihuahuas.I am thinking about getting a puppy to train.I have always wanted a White Shepherd,but the White Shepherd Rescue here will not let you adopt one if you have more than one other dog. I am hopping that I can purchase a puppy from a breeder.I have filled out an application with one breeder so far. I will wait and see how that goes. If I get a puppy to train,it won't come to me with any bad habits that have to be untrained. I will have a dog that I can train to do the tasks that I need in my guide dog. A dog customized to my needs..If it is meant to be,it will happen. I am hoping it will.......  to be continued......

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shulamith is up for adoption

The Rescue where I got Shulamith has said that I can find her a home as they still do not have room for her. Johnny and Dave have said they will help me find the right home for her. Carla also offered to help and so did my house keeper as she is also in Rescue.I should be able to find some one who will be the right person for her.I am still looking for that right dog to train.I am looking for another Shepherd, or possibly a Husky Shepherd mix. I hope I find a dog before the winter months are over. It is very hard for me to train in the Summer as the heat is just too much for me. I can do the Mall and go shopping while training but I need to be able to train for Traffic checks and curbs and over head obstacles and other obstacle avoidance ect. out side. These things can not be learned in a mall. I would really like to find another Belgian Shepherd,but it will have to be a female. I can't bring in another male. This would not be fair to Shaman.Most of all, I need a dog that can get along with and live with other dogs and does not fight. I need a dog that is tall enough and has long legs so that she can work from my power wheelchair with no trouble. I need a dog that is willing to work and learn all the things that a guide dog needs to know,so we can work as a team and keep each other safe. The hardest part of training your own guide dog is finding the right dog to train. It is very time consuming and if the dog does not work out,you have to find another home for it and start all over again.         to be continued..............

Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Developments

Since my last post,there have been several new developments.I had another Hospital stay and I am still recovering.I had to put my 15 year old Border Collie, Max down. He was pretty much deaf and blind and he was senile. His allergies were so bad that he was ripping chunks of his hair out and had licked his paws bald. He was suffering and It was time to put an end to it.  I still miss him, but at least he is not suffering any more. Shulamith has found her true personality,and it is not what I need in a guide dog.I guess because she had never lived in a proper home before, she has  discovered who she is now. She has become very jealous
 around the other dogs and when I show them any attention ,she goes after them. She wants all the attention for her self. She has started barking in stores and it is hard to get her to stop.She has also been attacking poor Shaman.There have been several serious fights. This is not the personality I want in a guide dog.  She is being returned to the rescue where I got her as soon as they have room for her. She needs a home where she is the only dog. She needs an owner that is willing to work with her,that is kind and patient. She is a smart dog and wants to learn but it is hard with other dogs around.She is not a bad dog by any means. She just has found her self and needs a home where she can have the attention she needs with out having to share it with other dogs.I think she will make a wonderful pet for a person that has Shepherd experience, and is kind and patient with her. I have taught her to sit, and lie down and to stay.Her house manners have greatly improved. She still gets into the trash can and chews papers into tiny pieces,occasionally. She is a very sweet dog when not around other dogs.I, how ever need a dog that will be able to live in the same house with other dogs and one that does not fight. So I must continue to look for the right dog to train as my next guide. The hardest part of owner training a guide dog, is finding the right dog.        to be continued.............