Sunday, October 18, 2015

Shulamith is up for adoption

The Rescue where I got Shulamith has said that I can find her a home as they still do not have room for her. Johnny and Dave have said they will help me find the right home for her. Carla also offered to help and so did my house keeper as she is also in Rescue.I should be able to find some one who will be the right person for her.I am still looking for that right dog to train.I am looking for another Shepherd, or possibly a Husky Shepherd mix. I hope I find a dog before the winter months are over. It is very hard for me to train in the Summer as the heat is just too much for me. I can do the Mall and go shopping while training but I need to be able to train for Traffic checks and curbs and over head obstacles and other obstacle avoidance ect. out side. These things can not be learned in a mall. I would really like to find another Belgian Shepherd,but it will have to be a female. I can't bring in another male. This would not be fair to Shaman.Most of all, I need a dog that can get along with and live with other dogs and does not fight. I need a dog that is tall enough and has long legs so that she can work from my power wheelchair with no trouble. I need a dog that is willing to work and learn all the things that a guide dog needs to know,so we can work as a team and keep each other safe. The hardest part of training your own guide dog is finding the right dog to train. It is very time consuming and if the dog does not work out,you have to find another home for it and start all over again.         to be continued..............

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