Saturday, October 24, 2015

I am thinking about getting a White Shepherd Puppy

I have decided that rescue dogs are not the way to go when looking for a dog to train.I have had very limited success doing that. Lily was bought from a breeder,Nala was bought from a breeder and Nici also came from a breeder. The only rescue that worked out as a guide dog was Shaman.There were several dogs,all rescues, that did not work out. It is heart breaking to start training a dog and then realize that for various reasons, that dog is just not the right dog for the job.You have already become attached to this dog and now you must find another home for it.Then you have to start all over again,looking for the right dog.Well, I can't seem to find the right dog.When I think I might have found one and reply to the add,the dog is either already taken or no one even answers my inquiry.I am looking for a specific breed  and most of the dogs in the shelters here are Pit Bulls or Chihuahuas.I am thinking about getting a puppy to train.I have always wanted a White Shepherd,but the White Shepherd Rescue here will not let you adopt one if you have more than one other dog. I am hopping that I can purchase a puppy from a breeder.I have filled out an application with one breeder so far. I will wait and see how that goes. If I get a puppy to train,it won't come to me with any bad habits that have to be untrained. I will have a dog that I can train to do the tasks that I need in my guide dog. A dog customized to my needs..If it is meant to be,it will happen. I am hoping it will.......  to be continued......

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